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How to Become A Successful Mompreneur

By Sarah Hordusky 

For most women, motherhood is one of the most beautiful things to experience in life. There is nothing like staring into your child's eyes and feeling the immense amount of love that flows through you. But there is also nothing like building a business from the ground up and watching what you’ve created flourish and grow! There are plenty of moms out there who feel like being a mother and an entrepreneur is impossible, but I am here to tell you (as a fellow mompreneur) that it’s not! 

Raising a child and running a business is no walk in the park. Michelle Obama once said “For me, being a mother made me a better professional, because coming home every night to my girls reminded me what I was working for. And being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modeling for my girls how to pursue their dreams.” Her perspective on being a hard-working mompreneur is an inspiration for many women across the world.

Being a mom and an entrepreneur are both full-time jobs within themselves, but when you combine the determination, strength, and intense passion you already have as a mother, you have the perfect recipe to run the successful business of your dreams.

If you’re ready to take the next step in becoming a successful mompreneur, keep reading!


What is a Mompreneur?

A mompreneur is a mother who sets up and runs her own business alongside raising a family. The term mompreneur was introduced in 1994 and it is steadily growing in the US as moms are learning new ways to make money, express their creativity, and also parent their children while excelling in their careers! There are many different avenues you can take along the mompreneur pathway. As a Realtor ®, I work as an independent contractor under my Broker. This means I am in charge of building my own business and personal brand!

Before the Women’s Business Ownership Act was signed into law in 1988, many women entrepreneurs faced discrimination in entrepreneurial endeavors because of their gender. When the act was signed into law, it provided a basis for policies, programs, and sector initiatives that allowed women business owners to flourish and succeed.

Whether you’re looking to get back to work, switch careers, or start a side hustle to make money while raising little ones, then you are mompreneur material!


Mompreneur Business Ideas

What are you passionate about? What ideas excite you? What does an ideal day in your life look like? These are all questions you should ask yourself when you are thinking about starting a business. Here are a few mompreneur business ideas to help get you started!

Become a Freelancer

Freelance work is growing in popularity as the world conducts more business virtually. Some popular options to explore include virtual assistance, writing, graphic design, social media management, and web design! 

Join freelancer platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to help land your first freelancing gig! Check out these 7 Easy Freelance Jobs in 2023!

Sell Your Creations

Do you have a knack for making jewelry, crocheting hats, making t-shirt designs, or even finding high-quality clothes at thrift stores? There is a business for each and every one of these things! 

Check out Etsy for selling homemade goods like T-shirts, jewelry, and even social media templates! You can also sell your products directly from your website and on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re a fan of thrifting and have a good eye for finding name brands, vintage items, and more, check out Poshmark and consider starting your own online boutique!

Become a Travel Agent

Who doesn’t love planning a nice vacation and discovering the best hidden gems? If you love planning, travel, and in-depth research on the best vacation spots, then being a personal travel organizer might be right up your alley! You get to help people create happy, once-in-a-lifetime memories with their loved ones all while working from the comfort of your own home.

Learn everything you need to know about becoming a travel agent HERE!

Start a Mommy Blog

You’re probably thinking “but there are so many other mommy blogs out there already!” While that is true, each and every mother is unique in her own way and has a voice that needs to be heard! We all have stories to share, advice, and our own personal experiences as moms that might help out another mom in the same position as you!

Check out the 5 best blogging platforms for your mommy blog HERE!


Tips to Be a Successful Mompreneur

Motherhood and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand if you have determination, motivation, and the right tools. Here are some tips that can help you have a thriving business and a happy family!

  1. Surround yourself with other mompreneurs - This can be other moms you know that run a business, mompreneurs on social media, listening to mompreneur podcasts, etc. Get in touch with other women like you! Remember: empowered women empower women!

  1. Be efficient and plan ahead - Learn how to save time and make things easier for yourself. Plan out your work meetings, family events, and more. Need to do laundry? Add it to your schedule! Planning ahead and getting organized can help things feel less overwhelming throughout the week.

  1. Ask for help when you need it - It is a universal fact that moms are the ultimate multitaskers, but the most successful business owners delegate and outsource what they can. Let’s be honest, motherhood and owning a business isn’t easy! Asking for help can look like ordering groceries online, splitting chores with your spouse, and even having someone run your social media accounts for you!


  1. Focus on one thing at a time - As I stated above, moms are the ultimate multitaskers, but at times you are going to need to focus on one specific task at a time. This could be spending an hour answering all of your emails with no interruptions, having time dedicated to playing with your kiddos, or doing the laundry that's been bugging you! Focusing on one thing at a time actually helps you get more done.

  1. Prioritize and celebrate yourself - It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of being a mom and business owner. It can feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends! So be sure to take time for yourself and recharge your energy by practicing your favorite forms of self-care and celebrating small wins! Let me know what your favorite ways to celebrate yourself are!

Why I Love Being a Mompreneur

I love being a mompreneur because I get to choose my work-life balance, control my financial freedom, and prioritize time with my family. It allows me to feel fulfilled and gives me a sense of purpose.  Being a mompreneur takes dedication, self-motivation, and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s hard work, but I feel extremely empowered and feel like I can be an inspiration and role model to my son.

You’ve got this, mama! Have any questions about being a mompreneur? Let’s chat!

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