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6 Must-Have Tips to Sell Your Home

By Sarah Hordusky

You’ve probably heard tons of advice from your family, friends, and neighbors about selling your home. But how do you know what will really work? Selling a house can be a challenging and even stressful experience for some individuals. I want to help make it feel easier for you! Don’t get me wrong, selling your home will take some work, but just because it will take effort does not mean it needs to be harder than necessary! I am going to give you the best tried and true tips to make selling your home a little bit easier.

selling your home


Potential buyers want to see themselves in the house, and if you have too many personal items then it could be hard for buyers to picture themselves living there. Not to mention that buyers may also get nosey and also look you up on social media platforms! Keep the personalization out of your house to both help it sell but to also protect your privacy!

Family photos could be replaced with neutral art or removed entirely - just be sure to remove the nails and repair the nail holes where any hanging photos used to be.

selling your home

Let the Light in

People love light and bright, so be sure to let the sunshine in! Open up the blinds, wash the windows, trim bushes that block windows, and turn on all the lights when showing. Many potential buyers like houses that bring in a lot of natural light, so it is important to show off the areas that bring that into your home! Do what you can to make your house look bright and inviting, it will make it more sellable!

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Get Rid of Pet Odors

While many people love pets, not everyone is a pet-lover, especially when smelling pet odor in a house that they may want to buy. Our sense of smell has a strong impact on our emotions, our memory, and our perception of things. You don’t want a buyer to walk into your home and the first thing they notice is the smell of your pet’s food, litter box, or stains! A strong odor is one of the top reasons a buyer will pass on a home!

If you’re planning an open house, be sure to send your furry friend with a trusted loved one.

Here are 5 of the best pet odor eliminators:

  1. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator
  2. Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser
  3. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Odor Eliminator
  4. Nature’s Miracle Dog Stain and Odor Remover
  5. Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer 
how to sell your house

Always Be Ready to Show Your House

First impressions are important! Once you list your house, you have to start showing it within 72 hours. Typically it’s not best to even wait that long, because it could decrease the hype of interested buyers. Put your house on the market and plan to start showings either that day or the following day - no later - so that you can get as many excited buyers in to see it as you can! Make sure that your house is ready at all times, since you may get showing requests with little lead time.

how to sell your house


This is SO important that it is a requirement for my sellers. As we just said, first impressions are important, so if potential buyers see clutter in the pictures, it could decrease interest in wanting to see the house in person. It could also cause buyers to submit low offers compared to houses that are neat and tidy.

After decluttering the main living areas, the next thing to declutter are the closets. When potential buyers open up closet doors, they do not want to see items piled up and ready to fall out, or so many clothes shoved in a closet that they think the house does not have enough storage space.

Tip: clean out your closets by storing off season clothes in a box (and putting it in the basement or tucked in the back of a closet) so that the closet is half full. This will look much neater and will show that the house does in fact have plenty of closet space! 

Hire a Rockstar Agent

One that knows the market, will price your house competitively, and who is also focused on you and your needs, and not just the transaction. Selling your house can be an emotional event, and hiring an agent who understands that and is there for you, not just as a market expert but also as an empathetic friend, is important. Sometimes finding the perfect match is more difficult than anticipated. Good qualities to look for in a real estate agent are problem solving, attention to detail, honesty and integrity, the ability to network, and determination.

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