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Lessons I Learned from My Dad

Lessons I Learned from My Dad

As we approach Father's Day, I can’t help but reflect on the numerous lessons I’ve learned from my dad. He has been a huge influence on my life, leading me with wisdom, enriching my experiences, and shaping the woman I am today. Here are thirteen lessons I've learned from my dad that I strive to live by, build my business from, and hope also to teach my son.

1. Prioritize Time with Your Children

Growing up, my father emphasized that children were the most significant and time-intensive commitment you could make. He cherished moments spent with us, even if it meant sacrificing his career or social life. His presence taught me the importance of being present and engaged in my children's lives, laying a solid foundation for their growth and development.

2. Embrace Financial Responsibility

My father insisted on living below our means, quickly paying off any debts, and never carrying a credit card balance. He believed in the importance of an emergency fund, a safety net that could protect us during unexpected financial difficulties. This lesson not only brought fiscal discipline into my life but also cultivated a sense of security and peace.

3. Invest Wisely for Long-term Wealth

Learning to invest money in the stock market was another crucial lesson from my dad. He taught me that smart and strategic investing could contribute to long-term wealth, fostering financial independence.

4. Choose Your Life Partner Wisely

According to my dad, the most critical decision we ever make is choosing a life partner. Every significant decision after marriage — career moves, financial choices, family decisions — will be made with this person. In many ways, the partner we choose to be with is the biggest career decision we’ll ever make. His advice on marrying wisely rings true: our life partners and spouses significantly shape the trajectory of our lives.

5. You Can Be Anything You Want to Be

My dad instilled in me the belief that with hard work and determination, I could be anything I aspired to be. Observing him return to school for his MBA and consistently working extra hours while still making time for family left a profound impression. I also learned that everyone's journey is unique, and not all paths to success follow the same route.

6. Seek Efficiency and Self-Discipline

As one of the most organized and task-driven individuals I know, my dad taught me that efficiency and self-discipline were pathways to peace. His daily checklists, even on weekends, were a testament to the tranquility and order that come with such self-control.

7. Learn from Success... and Failure

One of my father's core teachings was to observe others. He encouraged me to learn from successful people and replicate their strategies. Equally important was understanding the pitfalls of those less successful, and avoiding their missteps.

8. Unconditional Love Builds Confidence

My dad believed in the power of unconditional love. Knowing you are loved, irrespective of your achievements or mistakes, empowers you to try new things, learn from failures, and ultimately grow into a confident and successful adult.

9. Control Your Finances

He stressed the importance of managing money wisely. Through regular financial reviews and a commitment to a budget, I learned that controlling your finances can prevent them from controlling you.

10. Financial Peace over Material Wealth

Echoing the sentiment of the book "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley, my dad valued financial peace over material possessions. This outlook has been a cornerstone of my personal and financial decision-making.

11. Build a Team of Advisors

From lawyers to accountants, financial planners, and real estate agents, my father encouraged me to build a team of trusted advisors. This counsel has provided invaluable insights, helping me navigate various life decisions and challenges.

12. Master the Art of Listening

My dad's gift of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie has been a constant reminder to be a good listener. As I grew older, I realized the power of letting others speak, understanding their perspectives, and cultivating deeper relationships.

13. Children Learn from Watching You

Finally, my dad emphasized that children learn not just from their parents' words, but mostly from their actions. Our behaviors can significantly influence our children's outlook, molding them into the individuals they become.

These lessons I’ve learned from my dad are a testament to the man he is, and the woman I have become because of him. They are reminders of the love, dedication, and guidance he poured into our family, shaping our lives and future generations. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Your influence continues to guide me, and for that, I am so thankful.

Carrying My Dad's Lessons into Entrepreneurship

The many life lessons imparted by my dad became even more relevant when I set out for my career. After years of devoting myself to achieving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Business Administration, I worked as a hospital pharmacist. Working in healthcare can be an intense and demanding career, and even though I loved my job, I realized something had to change once I had a baby. I was working as both a pharmacist and a real estate agent and I felt there was scarcely any time left for my family.  As I agonized over this decision, my dad reminded me that we are replaceable in the workplace, but we are not replaceable at home.

When my son was almost five months old, with my dad’s wisdom echoing in my mind, I mustered the courage to leave my pharmacist job and leap fully into the world of being a mom and real estate entrepreneur. I felt that leaving healthcare and focusing just on real estate would give me the flexibility to spend more quality time with my son, the opportunity to indulge my passion for guiding others, and a sense of work-life harmony that I strongly desired.

The transition was challenging, and there were moments when I felt I was losing a part of my identity I had held onto so tightly in my healthcare job. But as my dad had taught me, the road to success can look different for everyone. Embracing the unique twists and turns of my journey, I realized I found so much more fulfillment as a real estate professional and mompreneur. The flexibility of my mompreneur life allows me to spend quality time with my son and enjoy each day with him, while also pursuing a passion that I have had since I was 10 years old - being a real estate agent.

My goal now is not only to help my clients navigate the real estate market, but also to inspire and guide other moms to explore their entrepreneurial potential. This aspiration reflects another essential lesson from my dad, which is that our actions significantly influence those around us, particularly our children. It’s a legacy I hope to continue — showing my son that with hard work, determination, and the courage to embrace change, he too can be anything he aspires to be.