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Being a GOAL Getter This Winter

By Sarah Hordusky

As many of you know, living in Erie, PA provides us residents with the pleasure of having a LOT of snow.... and even though snow may be alluring around the holidays, the looooonng post-holiday winter is daunting. Many people find themselves to be less productive in the winter season due to the drop in temperatures. When our body temperature drops, we automatically spend more time expending energy to keep ourselves warm, which leaves less room for brainpower and the tasks at hand.

But don’t worry! It’s natural to feel less productive during the winter months, there is nothing more I like than snuggling up in a warm blanket during the long winters in Erie, PA! Winter is here, and I am going to share with you how I am being a GOAL getter during this cold season!

It All Started With a Shovel and Sidewalk Snow

It hit me as I was shoveling my sidewalk this morning that sometimes to reach a goal, I need to just put my head down and do the work. There is a large stretch between my house and my neighbor's house, so shoveling the entire sidewalk felt intimidating. But I was excited to get some exercise in, enjoy the outdoors, and listen to a podcast as I was all bundled up and ready to shovel! In the beginning, I felt excited and energized, as most of us do when we create a goal and set out to get it.  

A quarter of the way through, I started frequently looking up towards the spot in the sidewalk where I needed to shovel to, and it felt so far away. The more I looked up, my progress seemed small and it felt like I was never going to reach the end. I kept pushing through. I got my mind back to focusing on the work, put my head down and shoveled, when I finally looked up again, I realized I actually passed the point where I needed to stop.

This reminded me of all the goals I have for my career, and as an entrepreneur, it often seems like I will never get it all done.  But when I just focus on putting in the work, when I finally look up, I often realize that I ended up surpassing my goals. I have discovered that I am most productive in the winter when us Erie-ites are shut inside and forced to stay warm under heated blankets. Even though it feels depressing that it gets dark at 5 pm, it is a great opportunity to put your head down and work on your goals (while sitting under a warm blanket, of course!).

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What Fuels YOU?

My favorite part about winter is the ambiance created by the string of lights I hang up in my house. Those lights create a happy mood that outweighs the dark skies that occur before I even get a chance to make dinner.  What are things you can do that fuel your soul and put you in a happy and productive mood? Setting up a productive work environment is a great step to becoming a goal getter!

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Set Your Goals NOW!

What goals do you have for the new year? No matter how big or small your goals are, they are still helping you work towards success.  It may be a good idea to start thinking about them now so you are ready to go for the rest of 2023! Winter is the perfect time to put your head down and work, before we are tempted to spend warm summer days at Presque Isle!

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